All manifest life is elemental play. Elemental signifies all elements available in atomic, sub-atomic, or molecular forms on earth, in water, in air, fire, and space. Manifest life forms are created by a sequence of events, powered or engineered by the DIVINE. Ordinary air becomes vital force or PRAN SHAKTI, when consciousness is also present in a life form. Universal Consciousness becomes the Great Illusion or MAYA, when perceived by an individual mind. All expressions are based on an individual’s past learning, recorded through mind. Therefore, variety in expressions is limitless. This variety in forms and expressions gives color and joy to life. Even our intellect and understanding is based on past learning and the circumstances which brought us up. Our observations, based on tendencies, create an individual and an illusionary world, exclusive to each one of us.

The moment this truth is understood, we are able to see play of life in our minds. When this happens, the self is nowhere to be found. The living organism is observed to be functioning on its own, and the mind keeps rolling out its own film, flowing like a river of water. All happening by itself. New forms keep coming into existence and the old forms, with all their learnings and vanities keep disappearing.

If we observe the individual and the world, it is there and if we do not observe, it is not there. The observer also needs the physical form to observe. So what has arrived, without any invitation is the physical form and a drop of consciousness, which creates all life and illusion.

Why not try to carefully observe what or where you are and know that you are nothing but by virtue of universal physical and mind related attributes, you are exact replication of all life forms  or may I say – Everything!

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Happening by itself

Nobody told me or anyone else that I or he is being born or whether I or he wants to be born. But people would say – ‘here we are’. Then the question arises who is here? I or you or he, who is here. If anyone wants to observe or know it, he has to observe himself to find out who is there. Yes, literally and truely observing oneself is the only way. No external force can do it. Once it is observed that one is none of body, mind, intellect, or ego. Mind is running the show, which one is not. Then with stillness it dawns everything is happening by itself. People identify with bodies and sanskaras or gunas or individual nature or swabhav, which is carrying on the world business. Then the question arises who we really are and what are these gunas or sanskaras? These are separate questions to be dealt in subsequent posts.

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What is title-less ? That which contains all and makes possible observation of life in all its myriad ways – whether observed or the observers or the observation itself. It is like sunlight, which makes things visible. So the Sun which creates sunlight; the sunlight, which makes things visible; and the spectrum of sunlight, are all there, as a very very tiny component of the observed field, made possible by the title-less. For us humans or living beings, it is a uniform blessing till the life lasts in any living shape. Of course life continues, while old forms whither away and new ones take their place. But, we, as forms, take pride in our short-lived forms and accidental experiences and learning of relationships or analysis of things purely temporary. Of course, the great manifestation of illusion, while it lasts, we love to repeat or avoid as per our accidental learning. Although, neither forms nor the title-less die, forms merely change physical components and the title-less keeps throwing up thoughts and images of what forms see or experience or even persist to see. By itself, it is space-less, timeless, attribute-less, but available equally to all irrespective of their attributes.


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What are blessings for all living beings?

Sun, air, water, earth, space including everything in sky, all knowledge, systems, and contraptions available, the life energy ( both life force and consciousness ), and the company of all living and non-living forms. Which of these is male or female, white or brown or yellow or black, two footed or four footed or with wings or fins, or not available in any of the continents or sea. When shall we learn that all learning or knowledge comes after a life form starts experiencing life and becomes human or animal or birds or fish or reptiles or insects. Humans seem to be the most stupid creatures or life forms that have taken or given so many titles on forms or colors or birth affiliations or value based affiliations. Why can’t our education start by answering these variations in life and knowing that what is prior to coming of or descending of knowledge upon living beings is true knowledge and correct knowledge of all common things is true science and all creations to please mind is art.

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Knowledge and flow of life

Life’s meaning depends upon the point from where you are looking at it. There are two broad points. From identification with externals to identification with the point that makes you know that you are separate from externals. The great master Nisargadatta Maharaj says – ” Between I am nothing to I am everything, flows my life”. Here I am not any of the externals, means I am nothing. Externals stand for all that I can observe, viz. external physical world and the entire universe, observable by the senses, bodies of living beings, sense organs, mind, intellect etc. Careful observation shows that a person is none of the externals, as observer is separate from the observed. When neti-neti reaches its culmination, there is absolutely nothing which is observing the observed or the externals. So the first part of Nisargadatta Maharaj statement that I am nothing is proved. To prove the complete statement, thus far, I do not have the ability to say anything. But flow of all events automatically starts emerging as a natural and auto or self governing principle. Still the great illusion is so strong that one is reminded of Rishi Narad,s story where he gets a monkey face while wishing to marry a beautiful princess. One may start to understand the automatic flow of life and nature of working of mind but the current of Maya is so strong that it makes you flow with it. So the best thing at this stage is to enjoy the flowing life as it unfolds itself.

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What is YOGA?

Yoga or joining is with our original state. For this asanas and pranayam is to strengthen the body and improve flow of pran shakti in the body. But keen observation shows that living beings including human beings are not bodies. Bodies merely serve the purpose as a carrier or vehicle of life and all worldly identification. It is hoped that constant practice of yoga mudras and pranayam helps us keep distractions of body related issues in check. Then we can concentrate on quieting our mind. But body movements take place with whatever occurs or comes in mind. All happenings in mind are illusion or manifestation of Trigunatamak Maya, which carries on life but keeps us away from our true state. So Yoga is actually recognising the false as false and move beyond body and mind to see merger of the observed and the observer. What remains, I do not know. But nothing observable or learnt remains. For me Yoga destroys all distinctions of color, caste, religion, sex, human or man made boundaries, and joins you with your own self.

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Games Mind Plays

Mind starts with a clean slate. As experiences in the physical world leave imprints, mind picks up cues on how to interpret or to use these experiences, depending upon values or habits acquired by watching elders or role models or simply safety or pleasures. This game of running after pleasures or avoiding pains keeps on going for all living beings, unless someone directs the mind in any particular channel. Still, the effect is depending upon inclinations, all experiences are interpreted by living beings, particularly humans. Mind keeps mixing past recordings as per inclinations and a continuous stream of thoughts / images keeps going in mind. This affects us all in our day to day lives, in all our actions and thoughts. This is how the great illusion or MAYA binds us all, in our own concepts, learnings, experiences, or makes us believe in our personal mental world. Once, it is seen that mind is a film on five dimensional images, edited by us in our own ways, the light on life is not far off.

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